In 1997, Vega Automation was established in Denizli which is one of the great important city for industry of Turkey. Further more automation material sales, our company target is to support our customers about control and system engineering. With these supports we made real lots of important projects with our customers. In 2004, Vega Machine department was established in Denizli. Vega Machine department have continued its work as Frekans Makina since 2008. We are specialists for cable machines also has experience about rolling mill and textile machines. The first term of our five years, our company have been reliance of great groups and companies. The aim about future is serving all firms and companies which are wanted to improved technologically. With dynamic and experienced staff, 11 engineer and 54 employees, continues to technical supporting and improvement as control system integrator in all country.
We are aiming to be a leader and a company of the world with our products which turn the competing into its way and surpass expectations by producing a customer-focused service.
Our mission is to introduce new products to our economy using our newness power and our conception of high quality with our knowledge and experiences.