Central Armouring Line Celik08

High production rate – Low energy consumption – Wide production range – Safe production

Central Armouring Line Celik08

It is an internationally patented (Patent:2008/07003), high speed and efficient, 36-wire steel armoring machine, which has been studied within the scope of the TÜBİTAK-TEYDEP project. The armoring process made by the Çelik 08 machine is a special design of FREKANS MAKİNA, which is unique in the cable industry.
Steel 08 makes 36-wire armoring up to 4x16mm2 section by using 0.90-1.25-1.60 mm wire. Capacity can be increased to 48 wires and above upon request.

Working principle, Production is in 2 stages. In the 1st stage, the steel wires are transferred from the baskets to the reels in the machine cages as needed. In the 2nd stage, armoring is done on the cable.

Compared to other armoring machines, Çelik 08’s production capacity up to 2-4 times higher, being an energy efficient and faster machine up to 4-5 times is one of the most important advantages that make Çelik 08 stand out among the machines in this segment.

The cages are cast steel and have a solid design. Cage units are driven by AC Servo motor. The cage brake is designed as a large diameter pneumatic disc brake. There is a dual circuit braking system. Normal braking time is 30 seconds, emergency braking time is 5 seconds.
Roller brakes are easily replaceable pad brakes.

Control system, all functions of the machine are done via PLC and there is an option to monitor over the internet.

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Central Armouring Line
  • Wire diameter used: 0.90-1.25-1.60 mm
  • Maximum machine speed: 500 min-1
  • Line speed: 50-70 m/min
  • Number of wires used : 36
  • Cable diameter to be shielded : 22 mm
  • Used power : 15-20 kW

Fortify Your Cables: The Unbreakable Shield of the Central Armouring Line

Imagine crafting cables that conquer the toughest environments. Our Central Armouring Line makes it possible. This innovative system applies a protective metal sheath with unmatched precision, transforming your cables into fortresses of strength.

Here’s why the Central Armouring Line is your ultimate defense:

  • Impenetrable Protection: Withstands crushing, impact, and rodent damage.
  • Enhanced Durability: Ensures cables perform flawlessly in harsh conditions.
  • Superior Flexibility: Maintains cable bend radius without compromising protection.
  • High-Speed Operation: Integrates seamlessly into your existing production line.

Don’t settle for vulnerable cables. The Central Armouring Line empowers you to build cables that conquer any challenge. Contact us today and discover how this revolutionary technology can elevate your cable production.